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Get Your Best Experience!

Complimentary Wellness

In addition to my undivided attention, 
Guests experience an
Aromatic Scalp Massage 

a dip into Paraffin Hand Treatment... 

all included!


Appointment Reservation 

Book Online or Ring, I’ll do my
best to accommodate your schedule.
(I no longer double-book, 
except by request.)


Check-In Special

Check in with YELP! and receive:

•$10 off your Haircut 
•$10 off your Color or Perm

*$50 off your Brazilian Blowout

(Mix, match & combine
through February 2016!)


Guest Referral

I love guests just like you!  
Get a compliment? Or, have a firend
looking for a different Designer?
 I have a great Thank You, for you both.



2014 Retail Merchant:
Sole Disciple


Hair:  Sherry McGuire

Art Direction: Jovil Clemente

Photography: Christophe Gonzales

Hair Cuts & Colors
Curls & Waves
Curls & Waves

Embrace a new look and let's give your hair the curl or waves your wish you were born with  for a seasonal or fashion change.  


The unique non-thio formula contains a amino acids, to re-align the hair’s internal bonds for soft sensuous waves to dynamic curls. 


Short Hair  -
  Length to Bottom of Ears

Medium Hair -
  Length to Shoulders

Long Hair

  Past Shoulders

Permanent Curls & Waves

Short Hair Curls or Waves

Medium Hair Curls or Waves

Long Hair Curls or Waves






All texture services include FREE style consultation, clarifying shampoo,
conditioning treatment and
styling & care recommendations.

Complimentary Consultation is required to determine hair chemistry history and prepare for the ideal hair design.


Smoothers & Straighteners

I offer 3 very difference services to help you achieve  a new look for the texture you wish you were born with, or for a seasonal  fashion change





Smoothers & Straighteners

KeraTherapy Keratin Smoothing

Brazillian Blowout Smoothing

AntiCurl (antifrizz) Adjuster

Thermal Straightening







Smoothers & Straighteners

Anticurl and AntiFrizz Texture Adjuster

This innovative anti-frizz texture adjuster service takes curl to a wave, or wave to a bend.  AntiCurl permanently conforms the hair to have a uniform wave or curl even in humidity, and improves condition and shine.

All texture services require FREE style consultation, clarifying shampoo, conditioning treatment and styling & care recommendations.

KeraTherapy & Brazillian Blowout Keratin Treatment

This treatment fortifies and seals the hair safely... smoothes, straightens, and strengthens hair, dramatically reducing frizz and curl, while improving hair condition, enhancing shine and locking in color!

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