Welcome to your Private Hair Studio experience of positive energy and the devoted design of your Master Stylist.

Your appointment starts with a professional consultation, followed by an aromatherapy "Moment of Zen",  a blissful stress-relieving scalp massage, clarifying hair cleansing, and re-conditioning to suit your hair type, a cut that flatters your face shape, and a complimentary finishing blowout.


Design & Treatments

Hair Cut & Design
Woman Hair Cuts
Men Hair Cuts
Youth Cut ~13 yrs

Hair Treatments
Deep Conditioning
Split-end Repair






New to Beauty Love Alchemy? If you’re not sure what color service you need—a subtle glow, or an all-over change—book your complimentary on-line lifestyle consultation, available over Facetime or ZOOM!

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Looking for hair color that’s subtle, a dynamic contrast, or something in-between? I design with the worlds newest Italian Color line using Micro Pure Pigment Technology combined with advanced Marine Therapy.  The results hair strands deeply saturated, producing longer-lasting results.

Color & Correction

Color & Correction

Touch-up Hair Color
Full Hair Color
Partial Highlight
Full Highlight

Color Re-Vision*


Color Add-Ons

Brazilian Blowout  

Keratin Smoother
(Price reflects
$50 discount)






***Please note: Prices are determined during the consultation and may vary based on time required to achieve your previous chemistry history, hair tensile strength and desired end look. 

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I Design with "Babes: TAPE-IN 100% Human hair. It's a radiant and smooth texture without using synthetic coatings like silicone.


Sure it's great to get instant gratification of length and volume,,, but it is also important to not compromise the hair you have.  No heat, glue, or crimped rings means no mess or damage to your hair.


Our extensions to give length and/or volume to your current style, as well as color without the commitment for a natural, beautiful look.

Hair Extensions

4-6 Week Bonanza Includes:

Full Hair Color

Keratin Smoothing

Weft Retabbing

Weft Keratin  Hair Sealer

Hair Cut

Hair Styling

On hair previously removed

De-installation wefts

Guests can save this expense 

Hair Extension Purchase

10 wefts @ 14" Length

10 wefts @ 18" Length

Average install 30-40 wefts





***This is typically a three hour appointment.  A complimentary consultation to determine color match, hair care and expectations is required. 


Brazilian Blowout
Keratin Treatment

This treatment fortifies and seals the outside of the hair safely while smoothing and strengthens hair dramatically reducing frizz and curl, while improving hair condition, enhancing shine, seals in haircolor, reduced blow-dry and styling time!!


Anticurl Straight or
AntiFrizz Adjuster

These innovative straightening services permanently conform hair have a uniform texture. It takes a curl to a wave, or wave to a bend with straight yet modern movement even in humidity while improving hair condition and shine. 

Smooth & Straight

Demi Permanent Smoother

Brazilian Blowout Smoother

Permanet Straightener

AntiFrizz Straightener

AntiCurl Straightener





***Please note: Prices are determined during the consultation and may vary based on time required to achieve your previous chemistry history, hair tensile strength and desired end look. 


Eyelash Tinting

Wake up with gorgeous dark lashes, and zero morning smudge! Your new dark tinted natural lashes last up to to 6 weeks without need for mascara!  Lash tinning fattens up each lash, so adding mascara gives you to WOW factor without the chunky fiber spider-eyes!  ~ (Want more drama?  Add-on lash perming and throw away your lash curling contraption!)

Eyelash Services

Eyelash Tinting

Brow Tinting



***This service can be added on to most service appointments!

I offer 2 very difference services
to help you achieve a new look
for the texture you wish you were born with or for a seasonal 
fashion change.

Eyebrow Tinting

The perfect nuance to soften your overall look, or densify the appearance of thinning brows. 

Lash & Brow Tinting