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Thank you for supporting Kolby!


I met Kolby at the CRC Body Pump class.  His energy is authentic as  he touches lives, even if only briefly with a kind smile and genuine concern.  

I'm grateful to be able to support Kolby in this challenging time, and thankful for your contribution to his GoFundMe account. 

For the next 20 donations of $50 or more, I am donating a certificate for a $75 Haircut.

Please send me a quick email via the contact box below, and I email you a certificate for your haircut. 

I look forward to meeting you, and happy to share in our community!  




Your THANK YOU Certificate!

Please complete the contact info, and I will email you your certificate!  


It would be great to see you by October 31, 2016.  

My holiday season starts and timing is tight!  

Thank you for your generosity,
and supporting Kolby. 


Have a blessed day!


Success! Message received.

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